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Sunday, June 24, 2018
Checked 3:10 PM; Last Updated 1:55 PM CDT; 18:55 GMT
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Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft unexpectedly drops Windows 7 support for some ancient CPUs" ZDNet 7:34 AM
  • "Microsoft Edge on Android hits over 5 million downloads" OnMSFT 11:07 AM
  • "Microsoft And Razer Teaming Up For Keyboard And Mouse Partnership" UberGizmo 1:52 PM
  • "Will Microsoft's Embrace Smother GitHub? The acquisition could have anticompetitive effects, so the FTC should scrutinize it." [Paid Membership Required] 1:52 PM
  • "Amazon, Microsoft and Google Face Backlash over ICE, Military Deals: and they're not afraid to use it, decrying military and surveillance work that they want no part in." TheStreet 6/23
  • "Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's has advice for Facebook and Google: Don't make the mistake we did" Business Insider 6/23
  • "Everything that Microsoft said about the next-gen Xbox at E3 2018: While they didn't really offer any solid information to the audience; however, they mentioned enough for the fans to start anticipating about the next iteration with excitement." International Business Times 6/23
  • "Microsoft to use Windows 10-focused Snapdragon 1000 chip for foldable Surface Phone?" phoneArena 6/23
  • "Microsoft debuts ad-blocker in Edge for Android" gHacks 6/23
  • "Microsoft Outlook now lets you block external images" Android Police 6/23
  • "Microsoft and Razer might be working on an Xbox keyboard and mouse partnership: Earlier in the year, Microsoft gave a presentation to developers detailing keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One." Windows Central 6/23
  • "Microsoft leaves systems lacking SSE2 support high and dry for ongoing Windows updates" Neowin 6/23
  • "Microsoft Store reported to be getting new features soon" Neowin 6/23
  • "Intel: The 3 Failures Of Brian Krzanich, Part 1" Seeking Alpha 6/23
  • "TSMC Hits Volume Production Of 7nm Silicon With AMD Zen 2 And Vega 7nm Incoming This Year" HotHardware 6/23
General Interest
  • "PayPal touts global reach as mobile wallets pop up in APAC" ZDNet 7:34 AM
  • "Scientists are building a DNA database to fight illegal logging: And they're using citizen scientists to collect samples." Engadget 6/23
  • "Adobe's AI Will Help You Spot Photoshopped Photo Fakery" HotHardware 6/23
  • "Samsung's next Android phone might be free of Samsung's bloatware" BGR 6/23
  • "Netflix PR Head Drops the N-Word, Netflix Drops Him" Gizmodo 6/23
  • "Google's augmented reality Measure app now works with the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and more" The Verge 6/22
  • "Google Chrome's mystery sawtooth tabs have (slightly) changed my life: Are you seeing what we're seeing?" CNET 6/22
  • "Google Chrome on Android can now cache news articles on Wi-Fi for offline reading" The Verge 6/22
  • "Google's Measure app comes to all ARCore-compatible Android phones" Engadget 6/22
  • "Google's Street View cars will monitor London's air quality" Engadget 6/22
  • "Google Home now answers follow-up questions without 'OK, Google' wake word" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Adobe is using machine learning to make it easier to spot Photoshopped images" The Verge 6/22
  • "Amazon employees call on Jeff Bezos to end controversial tech contracts" Digital Trends 6/22
  • "Amazon FreeTime Unlimited brings 10,000 kids' books and videos to iOS" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Now Amazon employees rebel: 'End police facial-recognition contracts, ICE support'" ZDNet 6/22
  • "Facebook will soon let you know how much time you spend 'socializing'" Engadget 6/22
  • "Facebook's controversial Messenger Kids is rolling out to Canada and Peru" The Verge 6/22
  • "Facebook is reportedly working on a 'Your Time on Facebook' feature" The Verge 6/22
  • "Facebook prototypes tool to show how many minutes you spend on it" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Facebook expands its Messenger Kids app beyond the U.S. to Canada and Peru" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Qualcomm and Vivo debut single 5G millimeter wave and sub-6GHz antenna" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "The Best Phone To Buy Right Now" The Verge 6/22
  • "'Fortnite' could partially lose the one thing that makes it unique" Engadget 6/22
  • "Snapchat Spectacles' exported clips now come in different formats" Engadget 6/22
  • "Twitter buys a startup to battle harassment, e-cigs are booming, and a meditation app is worth $250M" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Tinder tests a 'Picks' feature to save you from endless swiping" Engadget 6/22
  • "Tinder takes on Coffee Meets Bagel with test of Tinder Picks" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "The Intergalactic Steam Summer Sale: 15 great picks for under $5" PCWorld 6/22
  • "Startup Battlefield is coming to the Middle East and North Africa, apply today" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Labstep wants to fix the way science experiments are recorded and reproduced" TechCrunch 6/22
  • " parent company acquires Atavist" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Citymapper lets you find Ofo, Mobike and scooters around you" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to launch military satellites by 2020" Engadget 6/22
  • "The undersea electric railway built and abandoned within six years" Engadget 6/22
  • "Lime scooters are live in Paris" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "Uber driver was streaming Hulu just before fatal self-driving crash" Engadget 6/22
  • "Safety driver of fatal self-driving Uber crash was reportedly watching Hulu at time of accident" The Verge 6/22
  • "Tesla closes a dozen solar installation centers as part of recent layoffs" The Verge 6/22
  • "AImotive demos self-driving car on Silicon Valley's busiest freeway" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Goodbye, loot boxes! Hello, premium progression passes!" VentureBeat 6/22
Press Releases
  • "Expanded Oracle Accelerator Gives Texas Startups a Boost" PRNewswire 6/22
  • "Bill Gates Donates $4M to Create Sexed-Up Self-Killing Mosquitoes" Newsmax 1:52 PM
  • "Best Accessories for Microsoft Surface Book of 2018: What are the best accessories for Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Book 2? Read on." Windows Central 6/23
  • "Hacker successfully installs four different Operating Systems on a Windows Phone" MSPoweruser 6/22
  • "Microsoft switches to blockchain tech for publisher royalty calculation" GamesIndustry 6/22
  • "QuickLook for Windows 10 brings a useful Mac feature to PCs" The Verge 6/22
  • "Microsoft Users Can Now Search the Web Using Their Phone's Camera" Softpedia 6/22
  • "Microsoft Abandons Xbox VR Plans" CCM 6/22
  • "Microsoft brings improvements to the beta version of its Launcher" Neowin 6/22
  • "Microsoft and Nintendo collaboration hints at an exciting future — but not for PlayStation" Windows Central 6/22
  • "Nintendo and Microsoft solidify their bromance in Minecraft cross-platform play trailer" VideoGamer 6/22
  • "Older versions of Windows 10 get fresh fixes with performance tweaks" TechRadar UK 6/22
  • "Best Windows 10 apps this week" BetaNews 6/22
  • "Microsoft matches Google Lens with AI-powered visual search for Bing" The Verge 6/22
  • "CloudMonix Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams" PRWeb 6/22
  • "Judge Orrick upholds Samsung's anti-enforcement injunction against Huawei" Foss Patents 6/23
  • "Tumblr agrees to cooperate with South Korea in their fight against online pornography - Video" ZDNet 6/22
  • "Amazon hit with lawsuit by SXSW venue, alleging tech giant strong-armed return of rental payment" GeekWire 6/22
  • "US Lawmakers Urge Google To Disengage With Huawei Over Security Concerns" HotHardware 6/22
  • "ZTE pays $1 billion fine to US over sanctions violations" CNNMoney 6/22
  • "Bill Could Give Californians Unprecedented Control Over Data" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/22
  • "U.S. Supreme Court rules police need a warrant to obtain phone location data" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Supreme Court's internet sales tax ruling may be a nightmare for small businesses" The Verge 6/22
  • "Supreme Court decides against warrantless location searches in a major privacy decision" The Verge 6/22
  • "Supreme Court decision requires warrant to obtain cellphone records for tracking" TechCrunch 6/22
  • "California Rep. requests 23andMe to help reunite children with families" Engadget 6/22
  • "Reality Winner will plead guilty for leaking NSA election hacking info" Engadget 6/22
  • "US Army asks startups to deliver next-generation weapons" Engadget 6/22
  • "In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: Chrome OS revives Google's tablet future/Acer made a capable tablet, but Google still has to work out kinks in Chrome OS." Ars Technica 6/23
  • "How to Find Cheap Transportation to and From Major Airports" Lifehacker 6/23
  • "Alienware Area 51 R5 Review: Liquid Cooled GPUs And Skylake-X Firepower" HotHardware 6/22
  • "Why collecting data about your health doesn't always make you healthier" BetaNews 6/22
  • "AI Weekly: The growing importance of clear AI ethics policies" VentureBeat 6/22
  • "Alienware 17 R5 review: Core i9 and an overclocked GTX 1080 create an incredible desktop replacement" PCWorld 6/22
Tech Stocks
  • "Dow snaps 8-session skid, but logs worst weekly fall since March as trade jitters persist: Energy stocks lead, supported by jump in crude prices" MarketWatch 6/22
  • "Dow Posts First Gain in Nine Sessions; Oil Jumps: The Dow held on to post its first gain in nine sessions Friday. Oil prices soared after OPEC reached an agreement to boost oil production modestly." TheStreet 6/22
  • "Dow snaps losing streak as oil prices surge" FOXBusiness 6/22
  • "U.S. Stocks Suffer Biggest One-Week Loss Since March: Trade tensions spook investors" [Paid Membership Required] 6/22
  • "Asian markets end mixed as trade worries weigh: Automakers lead losses in Japan; Shanghai index salvages a small gain but teeters near bear-market territory" MarketWatch 6/22
  • "European stocks finish higher, but still suffer weekly loss: Services data provide cheer" MarketWatch 6/22

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InformationWeek (Checked 7:45 AM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "AI and IoT: Tech's New BFFs"
New York Times (Checked 7:45 AM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "James Gips, Who Extended Computer Use to the Disabled, Dies at 72"
  • "Want to Feel Happier? Your Phone Can Help. (Maybe.)"
PC Magazine (Checked 7:45 AM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Apple Finally Addresses MacBook Keyboard Issue With Free Repairs"
  • "Addicted to Facebook? You'll Soon Find Out"
  • "Tinder 'Picks' Highlights Your Most Promising Possible Matches"
  • "Report: Uber Driver Was Streaming 'The Voice' Before Fatal AV Crash"
  • "The Best Smart Coffee Makers"
  • "Vivitar: Not What it Used to Be"
  • "Amazon Workers: Don't Give Feds Our Facial-Recognition Tech"
  • "Deals: $199 Xbox One S Bundle, $160 Ecovacs Robot Vacuum"
  • "The AirSelfie 2 Wants to Be Your Personal Paparazzo"
  • "US Air Force Picks SpaceX for 2020 Satellite Launch" ...
Reuters (Updated 7:45 AM CDT)
  • "Waiting for Peter Thiel: big tech directors miss shareholder meetings"
ZDNet (Updated 7:45 AM CDT)
  • "An Apple store employee told me I was charging my iPhone wrong"
  • "PayPal touts global reach as mobile wallets pop up in APAC"

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