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Friday, December 15, 2017
Checked 9:15 PM; Last Updated 7:10 PM CST; 01:10 GMT
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Tech Stocks

Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft boosts AI across some its most popular products" ITProPortal 9:38 AM
  • "'Microsoft India to nurture unicorn firms, start-up community in 2018'" The Economic Times 9:33 AM
  • "Microsoft patent points to folding dual-screen notebook" Engadget 1:23 PM
  • "Patent pictures show Microsoft is still trying to build a dual screen device" Ars Technica 3:51 PM
  • "Can Microsoft's Whiteboard App for Windows 10 Devices Help Your Team Collaborate?" Small Biz Trends 9:39 AM
  • "Blockchain-powered medical AI Skychain promises to beat IBM's Watson Health" The Next Web 9:22 AM
  • "IBM reveals first users of its new quantum computer" ITProPortal 9:22 AM
  • "Dell EMC, VMware renew I Wish sponsorship for 2018" Tech Central 9:20 AM
  • "Intel Mentions 900P 960GB and 1.5TB" Guru3D 9:19 AM
  • "Spotted: 960 GB & 1.5 TB Intel Optane SSD 900P" AnandTech 9:19 AM
  • "AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X Review With ASRock X399 Professional Gaming and ASRock X399 Taichi Motherboards" WCCFTech 9:14 AM
  • "Oracle cites overall cloud revenue growth of 44%" Converge! 9:12 AM
  • "What Analysts Say About Oracle After Earnings" 24/7 Wall St. 9:11 AM
  • "Oracle Must Now Answer Big Questions On How It Will Beat Rivals" TheStreet 9:11 AM
  • "Apple and Cisco just improved security in the iOS enterprise" Computerworld 9:05 AM
  • "Cloud migration: How to know if you're going too fast or too slow" InfoWorld 8:55 AM
General Interest
  • "Google Chrome beta delivers mute tool for autoplay videos: Among other improvements, like a better pop-up blocker." Engadget 6:40 PM
  • "Don't keep cell phones next to your body, California Health Department warns" TechCrunch 2:11 PM
  • "Google Inbox adds a new unsubscribe card to help clear out the emails you never read" The Verge 12:55 PM
  • "Alphabet tries internet lasers instead of balloons for India" Engadget 8:59 AM
  • "Alphabet's X uses light beams from rooftop boxes to bring internet to Indian homes" VentureBeat 8:45 AM
  • "Google releases YouTube VR for Steam" The Verge 8:10 AM
  • "Google is using light beam tech to connect rural India to the internet" TechCrunch 8:06 AM
  • "YouTube debuts 360-video app on Steam VR" Engadget 1:25 PM
  • "Alexa can now play the top songs in a city and similar tracks" TechCrunch 12:50 PM
  • "Using AWS for data protection -- where barriers can also be benefits" BetaNews 8:53 AM
  • "How the 'Grinch bots' stole Christmas" Engadget 1:18 PM
  • "Facebook Releases Snooze Button To Mute Your Obnoxious Friends And Family" HotHardware 3:56 PM
  • "Facebook adds more viewing options to its 360 app for Gear VR" Engadget 1:18 PM
  • "Facebook's 'snooze' button mutes a friend for 30 days" Engadget 1:23 PM
  • "Facebook launches snooze button so you can hide annoying friends for 30 days" VentureBeat 1:01 PM
  • "Facebook's new Snooze button can mute annoying friends for 30 days" The Verge 12:56 PM
  • "Facebook says 'passively consuming' the News Feed will make you feel worse about yourself" The Verge 12:54 PM
  • "Facebook adds a Snooze button for muting people, groups and Pages for 30 days" TechCrunch 12:49 PM
  • "LinkedIn ignored security flaw from researcher who hacked Zuckerberg's Facebook wall" The Verge 12:55 PM
  • "Samsung Announces New Notebook 9 Pen and Three New Notebook 9 (2018) Laptops" AnandTech 9:18 AM
  • "Adobe had a record quarter, but still has substantial untapped potential" TechCrunch 12:50 PM
  • "Fitbit is having a bad day" TechCrunch 12:47 PM
  • "RIP, AOL Instant Messenger" Engadget 8:59 AM
  • "The best robotics kits for beginners" Engadget 1:20 PM
  • "Canary's security cameras will soon detect people" Engadget 8:59 AM
  • "The first phone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor will come from Vivo" The Verge 8:10 AM
Press Releases
  • "Microsoft's Cortana now has 230 skills (and Amazon's Alexa, 25,000): Microsoft's Cortana is lagging far behind Amazon's Alexa when it comes to available skills, and doesn't look to catch up any time soon." ZDNet 3:47 PM
  • "iTunes won't be in the Microsoft Store this year: Sorry, Windows 10 S users. Apple confirms that iTunes won't make it into the Microsoft Store this year, as Microsoft and Apple originally promised." ZDNet 3:45 PM
  • "iTunes for Microsoft Store Delayed to 2018" Thurrott 1:51 PM
  • "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sells 1 million Xbox One copies in 3 days" VentureBeat 1:01 PM
  • "Microsoft is bundling PUBG with the Xbox One X" The Verge 12:55 PM
  • "PUBG Now Included Free With Xbox One X Purchases For A Limited Time" HotHardware 7:09 PM
  • "Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review" IT PRO 9:43 AM
  • "How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to)" Windows Central 9:40 AM
  • "Another major smartphone OEM set to release an ARM on Windows 10 laptop" MSPoweruser 9:40 AM
  • "Can Microsoft's Whiteboard App for Windows 10 Devices Help Your Team Collaborate?" Small Biz Trends 9:39 AM
  • "Microsoft Azure Bot Service Opens To Developers" Silicon UK 9:37 AM
  • "Microsoft Seeing AI App For The Blind Launches In 35 Countries, Can Now Decipher Handwriting And More" Tech Times 9:37 AM
  • "The best free alternative to Windows Movie Maker" TechRadar UK 9:36 AM
  • "The best free alternative to Microsoft Word" TechRadar UK 9:36 AM
  • "Microsoft Considers Adding Python as an Official Scripting Language to Excel" Bleeping Computer 9:35 AM
  • "Microsoft infuses Office 365 with AI capabilities" IT PRO 9:35 AM
  • "Windows Phone Beats iPhone and Android to Get New WhatsApp Private Reply Feature" Softpedia 9:35 AM
  • "New WhatsApp feature comes first to Windows Phone beta app" MSPoweruser 9:34 AM
  • "Microsoft Makes Text in Photos Stored in the Cloud Searchable" Softpedia 9:34 AM
  • "Microsoft's Surface Phone Could Be a Dream Coming True If This Patent Is Used" Softpedia 9:34 AM
  • "Microsoft Disables DDE Feature in Word to Prevent Further Malware Attacks" BleepingComputer 9:33 AM
  • "Here's How to Get Your Gmail Account Linked with Cortana on a Windows 10 Device" DeviceMAG 9:32 AM
  • "Windows 10 Tip: How to disable unwanted startup programs" ZDNet 8:50 AM
  • "How Microsoft's wading into 'fake news' with Bing's opinion-based search results" PCWorld 8:42 AM
  • "Xbox party chat is coming to Android and iOS" The Verge 8:10 AM
  • "This might be Microsoft's secret Surface notepad" The Verge 8:10 AM
  • "QuerySurge is Now in the Microsoft Azure Cloud" PRWeb 9:34 AM
  • "U.S. Justice Department, AT&T settlement talks failed: court filing" Reuters 3:57 PM
  • "Japanese company will pay part of workers' salaries in Bitcoin" Engadget 1:22 PM
  • "The true extent of Russian meddling in Brexit remains murky" Engadget 1:19 PM
  • "Tax reform will be great for growth: Fmr. Microsoft CEO" FOXBusiness 9:41 AM
  • "Trojan malware attacks by North Korean hackers are attempting to steal Bitcoin" ZDNet 8:50 AM
  • "India's import tax hike on electronics could hurt Apple most" VentureBeat 8:46 AM
  • "The FCC's 'Harlem Shake' video may violate copyright law" Engadget 1:16 PM
  • "ProBeat: Net neutrality is not dead" VentureBeat 1:00 PM
  • "Ajit Pai just handed Republicans a bag of shit" The Verge 8:09 AM
  • "The FCC just killed net neutrality" The Verge 8:09 AM
  • "Crunch Report | FCC Kills Net Neutrality" TechCrunch 8:06 AM
  • "Pied Piper's decentralized internet is planned for Dubai, courtesy of startup Moeco" TechCrunch 8:04 AM
  • "What do made-for-AI processors really do?" Engadget 1:16 PM
  • "Bosch Connected Control BCC100 Wi-Fi thermostat review: Pretty to look at, easy to program" TechHive 8:42 AM
  • "The best video editing software: Reviews, buying advice, and more" PCWorld 8:43 AM
  • "Why hashtags are bad for your health/Commentary: You can now follow hashtags on Instagram like they were people. But don't do it, I implore you. (You'll thank me later.)" CNET 8:39 AM
  • "Want to really understand how bitcoin works? Here's a gentle primer: Ars goes deep on the breakthrough online payment network." Ars Technica 8:35 AM
  • "Is AIM Dead Yet?" Gizmodo 8:31 AM
  • "Right and Left React to the F.C.C.'s Vote on Net Neutrality Rules" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 3:53 PM
  • "Net Neutrality is gone. Welcome to the Biased Net - Video" ZDNet 3:53 PM
  • "How to check if your identity was stolen to help kill net neutrality" BGR 3:49 PM
  • "Do you really have a choice of internet providers? Depends on where you live." Recode 1:48 PM
  • "ProBeat: Net neutrality is not dead" VentureBeat 1:09 PM
  • "The Internet Is Free Again: Killing Obama-era rules will remove the FCC as political gatekeeper." [Paid Membership Required] 9:19 AM
  • "Robots will soon be able to taste and smell your bad cooking" ZDNet 8:50 AM
  • "The secret to being a great spy agency in the 21st century: Incubating startups" ZDNet 8:49 AM
  • "Moonlambos sells Lamborghinis for Bitcoin to help gilded cryptocurrency generation spend its windfall" VentureBeat 8:47 AM
  • "With $10M in new funding, Huddly launches its smart GO camera for video conferencing" TechCrunch 12:49 PM
  • "Live-streaming app Spotlite raises $10 million from Sequoia Capital to help singers make money" TechCrunch 12:46 PM
  • "Dog-walking app Wag may be raising a huge round of funding" TechCrunch 12:46 PM
  • "Loot, the digital current account aimed at students and millennials, banks £2.2M Series A" TechCrunch 8:05 AM
  • "Australia's Airwallex raises $6M to grow its cross-border payment business" TechCrunch 8:05 AM
  • "Go-Jek buys three startups to advance its mobile payment business" TechCrunch 8:06 AM
Tech Stocks
  • "Stock market logs another round of records on tax-cut optimism: Rally in technology shares send Nasdaq to all-time high" MarketWatch 3:57 PM
  • "Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Jump to Records as GOP Hammers Out Tax Bill: The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all finished the week with gains." TheStreet 3:57 PM
  • "Wall Street hits record highs as GOP tax bill nears goal line" FOXBusiness 3:57 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Climb as Hopes Grow for Passage of Tax Overhaul: Dow industrials rise 0.6% to another new high; S&P 500 gains 0.9%" [Paid Membership Required] 3:57 PM
  • "Asian stocks track Wall Street declines, but Korea's Kospi rebounds: Stock markets in Asia continued to weaken on Friday after declines in the U.S. and European sessions, but South Korea's stock benchmark rebounded after Thursday's sharp end-of-session losses." MarketWatch 7:49 AM
  • "European stocks suffer third day of losses as H&M closes 13% lower: Stocks across Europe ended mostly lower on Friday, as retail and bank shares slumped into negative territory, and yanked the regional benchmark lower for a third straight session." MarketWatch 11:55 AM

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InformationWeek (Checked 3:50 PM; no changes since 8:00 AM CST)
  • "Tech Adoption: Think Value, not Resistance"
  • "2017 Year in Review – Exponential Automation"
New York Times (Updated 3:55 PM CST)
  • "Apple Adds Another Show to Its Growing Streaming Stable"
  • "Right and Left React to the F.C.C.'s Vote on Net Neutrality Rules"
  • "You Know Your History? These Podcasts Aren't So Sure"
  • "Life on the Meme Council: Meet the Internet's Gatekeepers"
PC Magazine (Updated 3:55 PM CST)
  • "BlackBerry World App Store Is Shutting Down"
  • "Why Engineering Students Should Consider Hacking Healthcare"
  • "Does the End of Net Neutrality Mean I Need a VPN?"
  • "Don't Miss These Great PS4, Amazon Gift Card Deals"
  • "Facebook Snooze Lets You Mute Friends for 30 Days"
  • "What Music Is Popular in Miami, Tokyo? Just Ask Alexa"
  • "In Memoriam: The Tech That Died in 2017"
  • "Exclusive: Check Out the Terrible State of US ISP Competition"
  • "Company of Heroes 2 Is Free in the Humble Store"
  • "Google Adds New Travel Planning Features for Bargain Hunters" ...
Reuters (Updated 3:55 PM CST)
  • "Bitcoin hits new record high as warnings grow louder"
  • "Factbox: Bitcoin futures contracts at CME and Cboe"
  • "Elliott takes 6.5 percent stake in Akamai"
  • "False paradise? EU is no haven of Net neutrality, say critics"
  • "U.S. Justice Department, AT&T settlement talks failed: court filing"
  • "Facebook defends itself against critics of social media"
  • "Blockchain consortium Hyperledger loses members, funding: documents"
  • "EU agrees clampdown on bitcoin platforms to tackle money laundering"
  • "Exclusive: FCC plans to fine Sinclair $13.3 million over undisclosed commercials"
  • "France's Umalis Group to allow billing in bitcoins"
ZDNet (Updated 3:55 PM CST)
  • "Net Neutrality is gone. Welcome to the Biased Net"
  • "Google shutting down Project Tango in March 2018"
  • "BlackBerry officially ends support for Priv, outlines BB10 plans"
  • "Microsoft's Cortana now has 230 skills (and Amazon's Alexa, 25,000)"
  • "Get a lifetime subscription to Fleeq for $49"
  • "Netflix is watching you. We're all watching you"
  • "The real battle for net neutrality begins: The people v. FCC"
  • "Yes, that Netflix tweet is creepy — and raises serious privacy questions"

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